You may wish to consider me for projects including:

  • Book covers
  • Interior illustration
  • Editorial illustration
  • Album covers
  • Role-playing game illustration
  • Character and setting concept art
  • Web graphics and icons


How long does it take you to create a piece of artwork?
It varies according to the complexity of the piece, but on average it takes a couple of days to a week or two.

Do you use your own photographs in your digital art?
I generally use a mix of my own, old family photographs, vintage (copyright expired), and creative commons or royalty free. I tend to use only very tiny parts of any single image because while I enjoy the sort of subconscious inspiration montage/collage can induce, I also want my work to be uniquely my own. Very little of any single source images usually remain in any finished piece.

Can I see your printed portfolio?
I can send out samples of printed work on request.

How do you normally deliver any completed artwork?
If the final art is for web use only I usually e-mail it. Print ready artwork I normally upload to a file service or cloud storage so it can be downloaded.

A Secret Place

A Secret Place